Series of Cultural Programs promoting Hungary's Reputation 2022-2025

Even a small community can create memorable pieces of art!

The creative cultural community of Kazán István Chamber Theater and Gershwin Production Office is looking for future partners and sponsors to create national and international art projects. Most of the cultural projects below are new and special art ideas, while our international projects are, without exception, unique worldwide.

In our modern age, because of its special position, marketing represents itself through so-called tying, in other words the assignment of a product or service, highlighting prominent well-known personalities from the sports and cultural sectors, such as Michael Jackson with Pepsi. The sales system works similarly today, except that large international companies can only achieve revenue growth if they manage to reach a specific customer audience. There are several possibilities for this in the digitalised world which work very well for companies that offer average, mass-produced services and products, as they try to get that target audience to buy at promisingly low prices. However, for companies that produce quality products or services, this system cannot work effectively, as the audience buying quality services and products do not purchase because of the information and low prices found on the online space: they want quality, which they are willing to pay for.

In this fierce market competition, the world is moving towards the production of quality services and products. See China, who are now able to become a market leader with high quality products, even though just a decade ago they were infamous for the shoddy. Quality service and product engagement is an advertising trend today: see the Nespresso ads with Brad Pitt and George Clooney, Julia Roberts and the Lavazza coffee maker, Tommy Lee Jones and Boss Coffee, Harrison Ford and Madonna in the Kirin beer and Takara Sake ads. Obviously, Hungary is a small country and nowadays we do not have the great actors we had in the old times, such as Iván Darvas, Imre Sinkovits, Miklós Gábor, Zoltán Latinovits, Imre Soós or Sándor Pécsi.

What we can compete with is a culture of quality. We present new, unique and special cultural productions which are suitable for linking quality services and products. We are hereby publishing these projects and we are looking for the partnership of those companies that also aim for quality on the Hungarian or the international market.

Below you can find information about international and Hungarian cultural projects. In case of interest in any of the projects, we can share and specify the details during a face-to-face meeting. Our creative community is prepared not only for the creation of the ideas, but also for implementation.

International Cultural Projects

'Europe Ballet 27'

Gershwin Story – two-part modern ballet about the life of George Gershwin

Queen Forever - musical drama about Queen Elizabeth

The Flow of Music - opera about the life of Maria Malibran

The Tragedy of a Blessed Voice - opera about the life of Mario Lanza

Bank and Insurance Festival and Exchange Fair

Climate Protection Dance Production:
The Story of the Two Little Girls - fable ballet
Chaos - modern ballet